Meet our Committee

Our Pre-School is a run by a parent based management committee, which acts as a support mechanism to the staff and Pre-School. The committee has three officers, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. There are also other vital roles in the committee, which need volunteers to take up. The committee is voted in once a year at our AGM but we are always looking for new committee members as new parents can bring new skills, knowledge or expertise in a number of different areas, providing us with a good cross section of ideas and thoughts. All committee members have to be DBS checked and become Trustees of the Pre-School. As a registered charity the role of the committee is vital to the running and operation of the pre-School.

We are currently fortunate to have a good number of committee members, however as our children progress to school, we inevitably find that members move on too, so could you be our future Chair, Treasurer or Secretary!!

We hold meetings at the Pre-school every 6-8 weeks usually in the evenings from 8pm-10pm, where we discuss various subjects. The staff from pre-School also attend committee meetings. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member please contact our chairman, contact details can be found below.